Secret Project Finally Revealed

Recently, bSkS undertook the project of a mock-up cover for a YA novel in order to expand our range of skills (and have some fun in the process). We were delighted that doing so led us to work with model Meghan. While the shoot’s creative required her to bring some serious faces and fiery focus, we still had a blast working together.
ByrdThis is one of our strengths as a studio, we think – our ability to relax, stay down to earth, and connect with our models and clients. If the model needs a focal point to help them nail a pose, we’re happy to jump in and help. This project in particular involves a lot of post-photography art and editing, and so much of the time, Meghan had to “act” into thin air. Kiersten slipped on in to give Meghan that visual and emotional connection to make the shot come alive.
ByrdAnd who says you can’t goof a little during lighting tests? It’s not a calculated move on our part – it’s just how we work as photographers and as people. Still, we find it helps keep our models and clients relaxed, happy, and flexible during what can be long, challenging shoots.
Of course we want to get great shots and produce high-quality content. That’s not only the job but also the desire of every photography studio. And Meghan definitely helped us achieve that goal.
But we also want to go beyond that: we want to make every shoot a positive, memorable experience for everyone involved. Getting great shots that worked well for our creative vision was the goal, and we made it happen. But knowing that Meghan also enjoyed the process, from light test to final pose, makes us every bit as satisfied.
ByrdThere’s more to come in the future about this particular shoot. In the meantime, be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the studio latest.

What is it Like to Work With Us (Wedding Addition pt 1)

Kellie & MarkIn December, bSkS Studios was happy to shoot engagement photos for Kellie and Mark. It was a fun, fantastic shoot in the Cleveland Metroparks, and it was definitely a positive experience for bSkS. We decided to reach out to Kellie with a few questions about the engagement shoot. It’s always helpful to us to have feedback so we can continue to grow. We also imagine it’s helpful to future clients to read the comments and thoughts of previous clients; it can help paint a picture of what working with bSkS is really like.

Kellie and Mark are inviting us back again to shoot their wedding as well, for which we’re excited. And Kellie was kind enough to answer a handful of questions for us about her experience in the engagement photo shoot. We’ll let her own words give you the perspective:
What did you look forward to about your engagement photo shoot?
Spending the time together, definitely. It’s easy to be so busy busy while you’re planning a big wedding that you don’t focus enough on just being happily engaged to the person you’re getting married to. I was also looking forward to the location of the shoot; Mark and I visit the Metroparks a lot in the summer, and we were able to get pictures done at our favorite spot!Were you nervous about anything for the shoot?
Yes, mostly that it would be awkward posing and taking the photos in public. I was afraid I wouldn’t know what to do or how to pose.

What was important to you to convey through the images captured in your engagement shoot?
For me, it was important that the pictures showed how happy and excited we both are without being completely cheesy. I also wanted them to look and feel professionally done, and not just like a random person with an expensive camera took them.

How did working with Brian and Kiersten make you feel on the day of the shoot?
Very relaxed! We were both afraid it would be awkward (see question #2!), but it wasn’t at all. Also, it was great that they were both open to any ideas we had while we were out taking photos.

How did you feel looking through the images you received after the shoot?
Honestly, I felt like I needed to lose a couple of pounds! We had our shoot right after the holidays, and you know how dieting goes during the holidays. BUT, the photos were so beautifully done, I still loved them. It made me really happy to see that we were laughing in a lot of them, and you could tell we were really at ease.

Did Brian and Kiersten manage to capture what you mentioned was important to Kellie & Markyou in the third question?
Yes, absolutely. You can COMPLETELY tell that these were professional photos, and they really were able to capture us being ourselves.

Would you work with Brian and Kiersten again or recommend them to others?
Definitely, to both!

 Overall, how would you describe your experience with bSkS from start (contacting about the shoot) to finish (receiving your completed photos)?
I would describe it as uncomplicated (which is a relief, because booking so many other things for the wedding was a giant pain in the you-know-what) and professional. Everything has gone over so easily. The ONLY thing that happened was that our picture CD was mailed to a non-existent address the first time… just a little spelling error on the address. But Kiersten caught it within a couple of days, and sent us a new CD right away. No biggie!

What are you looking forward to working with bSkS for your wedding?
I’m looking forward to not worrying about anything! I know I’m in good hands, because I’ve seen Brian and Kiersten work at friends’ weddings before, and I’ve seen the beautiful photos that they took. That’s why we booked them!

How do you feel going into your wedding (did they convey information well, do you feel they will capture your memories, etc.)?
I feel good. I feel like I’ve got two real helpers who want us to be as happy as possible, not just two strangers taking our pictures. That’s important to me, because weddings are such a personal thing.
Kellie & MarkAs a reminder, bSkS Studios is still accepting bookings for the 2015 wedding season. If you’re still on the hunt for a photographer, feel free to contact us by e-mailing Kiersten ( to find out more about bookings. And thanks again to Kellie and Mark for being such wonderful clients. We look forward to your big day as well!

A New Look for bSkS Studios

Bethany & JordanAs time has gone on, we at bSkS have realized the need for an update. It’s time for a website overhaul, and that’s exactly what we have planned. We’re looking to improve the site in every way we can: making it more visually appealing, making it easier for you to navigate, and making it even more on board with our personal brand and style. These changes aren’t purely cosmetic. They reflect our desire to constantly re­evaluate ourselves as a business and to always grow and change to suit the changing demands of the market. We hope you’re as excited about the changes as we are.

Still Need a Photographer for That Special Event?
bSkS still has slots available for bookings throughout 2015. If you have a need for a photographer next year, now’s the time to peruse our portfolio, decide if we’re right for you, and then book that session! Weddings, personal parties, special events, engagement shoots, senior photos, commercial shoots, and more ­ we’re flexible, adaptable, and ready to schedule in your special booking. Contact us at to reserve your shoot today.

SCA JewelrySeeking Models for Jewelry Campaign and Cosmetics
Our studio has been happy to work with the newly branded Celestial Charms Jewelry in the past. Showcasing Summer’s hand­crafted jewelry with elegant, playful models has been a wonderful experience for us. We’re excited to have the chance to work with Summer again for another campaign shoot for her new line of beautiful pieces coming out of California. Currently bSkS Studios is seeking models who have a high­fashion and slightly edgy look to showcase these hand­crafted accessories in an all­new shoot. If you’re interested, please contact us to apply.

We’re also preparing for a shoot showcasing various makeup styles to help local makeup artists build their portfolios. For that, we’re seeking a wide range of models with a variety of looks to build an interesting and diverse body of work. If you feel you can carry a face of makeup well, please feel free to contact us and apply.

Collaboration, Please!
One of the goals of bSkS in the coming year is to build a network of local businesses and individuals with whom we can connect. Makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion designers, dancers, models­ we’re eager to collaborate with you on shoots and build relationships where we can have a flexible, reliable, and supportive network with other artists in our area. If you need a good photographer and are eager to collaborate with bSkS, please reach out to us! We’d love to work with you.

bSkSWhat’s It Like to Work with bSkS?
To help you get to know us better, we asked our new social media worker, Rebecca, to share a little of her perspective on working with us. Rebecca has worked with us in the past in a few different capacities and now is focusing on improving our social media presence. Here’s what she has to say:

“Brian and Kiersten are two of the most laid­ back people to work with I’ve ever met. I’ve done a little modeling for them, some basic portrait stuff and also the Seven Deadly Sins shoot, and I’ve also come along on a few shoots to help with behind­the­scenes stuff. It’s always a positive experience. They keep things fun. Long shoots especially can get kind of tedious, but Brian and Kiersten are really good at keeping things fresh and not letting your time feel stagnant. They’re also super respectful of your time and needs and basically craft each shoot to fit exactly what you need, whether that means working directly with you one­-on-­on or melting into the background so nobody even notices all the great pictures they’re capturing. I know I always end up smiling when I’m on a shoot with them, even if I’m not in front of the camera.”

To Sum It All Up
As 2015 approaches, bSkS studios is looking to make things bigger and better, both for the studio and for you. We hope our improved website and social media presence helps you connect with us better. We also hope you’ll contact us about modeling and/or booking shoots. We’ve got a lot of exciting projects on the horizon, and we’d love for you to be part of them with us.

Thanks, as always,
B & K

30 Days of Photography

BraveOhayocon was a blast! Getting there through (another) winter storm was an adventure in and of itself, but Kiersten and Brian made it there (and back again) safely. A lot of really great people were there, and the cosplays all around the con were so impressive. We took some photos and have been editing up a storm — keep an eye out for some exciting Ohayocon images in the near future!

We noticed some interesting things about the cosplay world, especially in how happy most people were with the photos they could take themselves of their friends and groups. Between that and the pretty high prices for booth space, we were able to find our direction in the cosplay photography world. We’re so excited to offer custom cosplay shoots for anyone interested! We can do shoots anywhere, and get better backgrounds than at a crowded convention center. When spring finally hits, we can take cosplayers into nature and shoot at the park… or wherever! Check out our fantasy portfolio for some ideas of where we’ve shot some of our models already!


MARCH is just about here, and that brings its own adventures, along with the return

30 Days of Photography will be an open contest to feature some awesome challenges for whomever wants to join!(hopefully) of warmer weather! Spring is just around the corner, and to celebrate we’re starting a photo challenge!

For 30 Days of Photography, you can check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (@bSkSStudios) for each day’s challenge. Every day, there will be an outline of what to take a photo of — post yours for us to see! On Twitter and Instagram, use the tag #bSkSStudios, and on Facebook tag the studio’s page.

We’ll put your photos in a collaborative album, and update it with the best photos from everyone.

30 Days of Photography will be a fun chance to see your great eye for the world! Show us what you see!

Columbus Here We Come!

It’s almost time!

DSC_4092The clock is ticking ever closer: Ohayocon 2014 is almost here! This weekend (January 24-26) is Ohayocon, in Columbus, Ohio! Many of our friends (including some of our models) attend this con every year and have always had rave reviews of their great time. Brian and Kiersten will be at the convention center on Saturday (the 25th) with cameras and business cards in tow.

Most of cosplay photography comes down to the costuming, and a great photo can really capture the cosplayer’s creativity and attention to detail — and place them in the right setting! Brian and Kiersten are hoping to take some photos around the con on Saturday and, after heading home, do some editing work to put the characters into their appropriate anime/manga/movie/comic/game/show setting.

Look for these exciting images on our website and Facebook page in the next few weeks!Steampunk We’ll also talk about our impressions of Ohayocon and what this experience


will mean for our future at conventions. We love the creativity of cosplayers and are reallylooking forward to the chance to work with some talented individuals and showcase their great costumes and characters.

Going to Ohayocon? Be sure to find us and say hi! Strike a pose!

Check out the official Ohayocon website here for more information:


Red Light Special

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care… because they were part of one of bSkS Studios’ boudoir shoots!

SamWe’re getting into the holiday spirit by getting out of our winter coats.  We’re offering a red light special on boudoir sessions!  Ladies, it’s time to break out your festive fineries (you know the ones we mean) and get in touch with your inner siren.  Throughout December and January, we’re offering a 15%-off special on boudoir sessions.  For a 4-6 hour shoot, you can switch outfits, try new poses, and make bedroom eyes at the camera — all at a great discount!

Want to share the magic?  Split a session with friends!  Get together with some of your girlfriends to split the time in the session!  Hang out together, split the time, encourage each other to let your guard down and smoulder.  Smouldering temptress?  We think so!

Best part about a December/January special?  You’ll get the prints in time for Valentine’s Day!  Nothing heats up those cold Cleveland nights like some steamy just-for-you shots.  Just-for-you, just-for-your-significant-other, or just-because!

Kiersten and Brian will make you feel completely comfortable the whole time, expandingMegan your comfort zone while keeping the session very tasteful.  The great thing about boudoir is the empowerment it inspires in all our models!  Every woman is sexy, and we’ll make sure to catch all your best angles.  Check out our Boudoir gallery for some ideas of what we can do for you!

Not sure about getting behind the camera, but still like the boudoir shoots?  We’re also offering a SECOND holiday deal!  As a Christmas special, we’re offering prints of our Seven Deadly Sins boudoir series (limited edition!) for only $80!  These saucy sins make great décor for the boudoir, and we’re excited to offer this one-time special rate.  Remember, it’s a limited run, so once the 100 sell out they’re gone forever!

Make Your Dream a Reality

Star TrekWhen you were little, did your parents ever tell you that you could be “whatever you wanted” when you grew up? Well, we at bSkS think that you can be whatever you want to be, whenever you want: grown up, growing up, or pretending to never grow up! That’s right, we’re talking about the great wide world of characters. Cosplay is something we find incredibly interesting, and we love our cosplayer friends. Cosplayers can do amazing photo shoots anywhere: living rooms, parks, urban areas… or conventions! 2014 will mark the start of our real foray into cosplay shoots, and we’re so excited to get into the con scene. We’ve already done some work with cosplayers (check it out in our albums!), and the creativity that goes into making and dressing these characters deserves a stellar treatment. By getting into cons, we can reach out to more cosplayers and put them right into their fandoms. Doctor Who? Check out your own TARDIS swinging through the stars! Yuna? We can bring your Final Fantasy to life! Merida? The Scottish highlands would look great behind your flowing red hair! Humpty Dumpty? Well, we can’t put you back together, but we can find you a nice wall. Whoever you want to be, we can help you showcase it.

In 2014, we want to scout out Ohayocon (Columbus, Ohio, in January) and check out the Dr. Whoscene. Depending on what we find, Colossalcon (Sandusky, Ohio, in June) will be our next stop. Where will YOU be cosplaying? Let us know! We can set up shop at a con, offering many different levels of photo packages. We can just highlight your sewing skills in a portrait, or fully plunge you and  your whole group into your characters’ world.

Change is in the Air

Autumn is a time for change, and some big ideas have been taking root at bSkS Studios!  We’ve been keeping busy with some great photo shoots lately, with some really fun couples getting married, babies captured in newborn shoots, and more.  We’re really excited to keep expanding our portfolio, and have found inspiration from friends, causes, and other photographers.

Hoop DancerOne of the top trends we’re dying to get into is Movement Photography.  The human body in motion is difficult to capture on film, but when done properly can lead to stunning images.  We know a lot of what you might call circus performers – dancers, hoopers, poi spinners, and more – and we want to combine their body contortions with interesting lighting and caught for just a moment in a photo.   Photographer Jordan Matter’s series of “Ballet Dancers in Random Situations” really inspired us here, by putting ballet into the everyday.

Along with movement of the body is movement in the environment… so we want to be part of all worlds and get underwater!  The way fabric moves in the water, the weightlessness of the human body, and the drama of the aquatic can combine to make a perfect storm of a photo shoot for high fashion, movement, campaign, and fantasy shots.  We’re planning it out and can’t wait to dive in!

When we stay on land, we’re fierce, too.  bSkS Studios wants to capture highSuicide PSA fashion looks as well as use our lens to further the greater good.  We want to combine fashion and nature, edge and couture, to bring vivid designs on set and into print, showcasing designers’ visions in new and visionary ways.  Finally, bSkS likes to take a stand.  Kiersten and Brian hold strong views and want to show their support by using their talents to offer support to the causes dear to their heart.  Women’s rights, equality, and other social issues have an impact on all of us every day.  bSkS wants to help speak up, and a picture is always worth a thousand words.

There’s a whole lot in store, and this was only a fast rundown of some of our biggest ideas for the next few months!  We’re focused and excited to keep showing what we can do.  Weddings, portraits, movement, high fashion, social causes, and more:  keep bSkS Studios in mind, and keep an eye out for everything we have in store!




The Mortal Instruments

Becky & SamanthaThanks so much to everyone for all the support as we finally launched the Seven Deadly Sins. It was a long project with lots of hard work, and we’re so glad you’ve all been enjoying it. Prints are still on sale but are going fast, so remember that there’s a limited run of them! If you’re interested, contact us soon.
We’re keeping up with our usual bookings of weddings, engagement photos, and other personal shoots. The next big project on the horizon, now that the Sins are launched, is a shoot based on Cassandra Clare’s young adult fantasy novel series, The Mortal Instruments. Part-angel Shadowhunters will do battle with demons in this dynamic, fantastical project. The TMI shoot will be done and shared with you by the premiere of the film on August 21st. We hope you’re as excited about it as we are! Keep tuned for more Aubrie & Jeremydetails and sneak peeks.
As always, if you’re interested in booking us for a shoot, please drop us a line. Browse our portfolio to get an idea of our style and approach, and then let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll always be happy to send you a quote and schedule your special day for a bSkS Studios shoot.

RELEASE of The Seven Deadly Sins

Finally, we’re happy to announce the official launch of the Seven Deadly Sins series. It’s been a long process – ten months from the first shoot to the final edit – but it’s all been worth it. We’re excited to be able to share this boudoir series with you at last.
In addition to viewing the photos here on the website, you can also see them on our Facebook page. Feel free to like and share!
If you’re interested in purchasing prints of the series, contact Kiersten ( We’re only releasing a limited run of 100 sets, so get your order in soon! Each set is priced at $100 and consists of seven 8″ x 12″ matted prints – one of each Sin. The Sin shots will not be available for individual purchase. You can only get them through this limited offer of the full set.
Thank you all for your continued support. bSkS Studios couldn’t have done it without you. Please enjoy the Seven Deadly Sins, and keeping checking in with us on the site, Facebook, and Twitter for future updates.

The Sins and Other Projects

It’s close to July 7th, which means the reveal of the Seven Deadly Sins series is drawing nearer. If you’ve peeked at our behind the scenes album on our Facebook page, you know that it’s been a fun process with lots of interesting makeup, corsets, and photo-bombing cats. You’ve hopefully also noticed that behind every beautiful shot is a whole shoot that’s comfortable, fun, and exciting. Our models, stylists, and photographers have all had a blast with this series, but the last shoot (Sloth, suitably enough) has been wrapped, and editing is well under way. We’re excited to share the final product with you soon, and we hope you’ll love them as much as we do.

LustWe’ll be running a limited edition of prints of the full series. 100 sets will be printed, and each set of all seven photos will cost $100. Be one of the first and few to own the series. You can register your spot now by contacting Kiersten ( For pre-ordering, we accept cash or check. Once the prints launch, you will be able to purchase them online with a credit card.

If you’re in need of professional photos and are looking for a fun, laid-back experience, feel free to get in touch with us! We’re still booking a few more slots for 2013 and are starting to open up slots in 2014. As a reminder, we do all sorts of work. Whether you want family portraits, engagement or wedding photos, boudoir shots, commercial or fashion work, photos of your special event, or a more fanciful, creative concept, we’d be happy to work with you. Contact Kiersten ( with inquiries about booking a shoot.

On a final note, the Studio is currently getting ready to make our own commercial business postcards. We have a vision in mind, but we need to book a model and also find a designer for the model’s outfit. We’re reaching out elsewhere, but these are our ads. If you or anyone you know fit the bill and are interested, please feel free to contact us:

bSkS Studios is seeking a fashion model for our commercial business postcards. The Dallasideal model is experienced and has an elegant, high-fashion look. Any age, race, etc. is welcome. The model will be wearing orange for the shoot, and it will take place near water. The model may be required to step into the water during the course of the shoot. This is an unpaid shoot, but the model will be compensated with pictures for her portfolio. Please contact Kiersten at for more information.

bSkS Studios is seeking a skilled fashion designer for our commercial business postcards. The designer will create a design for an orange dress to be worn by the model. No actual garment construction is required. The ideal candidate is skilled at designing dresses that are simple yet elegant. Compensation will be discussed upon contact with the Studio and, in addition to monetary compensation, will include pictures for your portfolio. Please contact Kiersten at for more information.

New Website

bSkS Studios is proud to announce the launch of our professional website! We’ve been established on Facebook for a while now, but we’re excited to open our own site. We’re hoping this will give you more information on our current and completed projects, as well as a little more information about the people behind the cameras.

Feel free to browse our portfolio to get an idea of the kind of work we do. We’re still booking photo shoots for 2013, so if you’re interested, please fill out one of our contact sheets, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Also, don’t forget to like our Facebook page! That’s where we keep you updated on our daily activity, as well as discounts on prints, photo shoots, and special gifts for the family.

EmilyWe have another exciting announcement right now – the Seven Deadly Sins shoot. As you may know from our Facebook page, we’ve been working on an extensive project shooting Seven Deadly Sins themed boudoir photos. Each classic concept has been reinvented in a classy yet sexy creative shot. The full series will be premiering on July 7th, 2013, but until then you can find behind-the scenes shots on Facebook. Feel free to check them out to get a small sneak peek of what’s to come.


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us either through our contact page or on Facebook. We’re always happy to provide you with information!

As time progresses, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on our doings through this blog. Between here and Facebook, you’ll be able to stay on top of all our new announcements. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned.

b.s. & k.s.